Updated Wordpress Plugin – Slick Contact Forms 1.2

The latest version of our Wordpress contact form plugin now includes the feature to open and close the sticky or floating contact form tabs using external links.

Using Shortcodes

The easiest way to add a text link to your Wordpress content is to use the shortcode feature built into the plugin. To create a link using the default settings use the following shortcode:


The default settings will add a link with the text label “Contact Us” and clicking the link will toggle the contact form open/closed.

[dcscf-link text="Click Here"]

The shortcode also includes an option, which allows you to set the link to either only open or only close the contact form. This is set using the “action” variable and there are 2 options available – close or open:

[dcscf-link text="Contact Form" action="close"]

The above shortcode example would create a link with the text “Close Form” that only slides the contact form closed.

Manually Using CSS Classes

The same effect can also be acheived by manually assigning CSS classes to a HTML element – the advantage of using this method over the shortcodes is that this allows you to add the feature to any HTML element such as an image, a link or even complete blocks of text.

There are 3 CSS classes that can be used:

  • dcscf-link – will both open and close the contact form
  • dcscf-open – only open the form
  • dcscf-close – only close the contact form

For more information and to download the latest version of our free Wordpress contact form plugin check out – Slick Contact Forms.


  • Work well i really like it thx a lot !!!
    Any plan of doing an audio player slider ;) hehe

    • Hi,

      We can take a look at it … what kind of thing were you wanting?

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