Wordpress Plugin – Floating Tweets

The Wordpress Floating Tweets plugin adds a floating, sticky tab containing a live twitter feed from any twitter account.

The floating twitter widget is quickly and easily set up via any widget panel and can handle multiple floating twitter feeds per page, each with a different twitter account.

The widget control panel includes many options to customise position and features. The plugin also includes shortcodes for adding external text links, which can open/close the floating panel.

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Demo Floating Tweets

Wordpress floating tweets plugin demo

Download The Plugin

Download Floating Tweets 1.0.1 (3,935)


  1. Upload the plugin through `Plugins > Add New > Upload` interface or upload `floating-tweets` folder to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. In the widgets section, select the Floating Tweets widget and add to one of your widget areas
  4. Set the required settings and save your widget


In order to use the floating tweet plugin you will need the following:

Widget area

Location of the actual widget is not important since the plugin automatically sets the position based on the control panel settings. You can therefore add the floating twitter tab to an existing widget area in your WordPress theme or create a new widget area.

To learn more about adding widget areas to WordPress see our WordPress tutorial – “Adding A Widget Area To Your Theme Files”.

Create Your Floating Tweet Tab

To create your floating tab go to the widget admin page and drag the “Floating Tweets” widget to the desired widget area.

Click “save” to activate the widget.

Configuring Your Widget – Twitter Details

Floating Tweets can easily be customised using the options available in the widget control panel:

Twitter Username:

Enter the user name for the twitter account. If you are unsure of the twitter profile name, this can be found using the URL of the account’s home page.

E.g. Design Chemical’s twitter home page is –!/designchemical – the Twitter username is therefore “designchemical

Number of Tweets:

Enter the number of tweets to be shown in the floating panel

Show Replies:

If checked the tweet list will also includes replies

Open Links In New Window:

If checked, all links in the tweets will automatically open in a new browser window.

Add Follow Link:

Check the box to add a link at the bottom of the panel, which links back to the username’s account.

Link Text:

Enter the text you would like to appear in the follow link

Configuring Your Widget – Floating Tab


Open/Close the tab using either ‘hover’ or ‘click’.

Tab Text:

Enter the text that you would like to use for the floating tab.


Set the width of the floating panel in pixels

Location & Aligment:

The position of the tab in the browser window is determined using its location (either Top or Bottom) and aligment (left or right). The location also changes how the panel slides out:

  • Top Left or Top Right – panel slides down
  • Bottom Left or Bottom Right – panel slides up

For each one you can also add the number of pixels that you would like to offset the tab by from either the location or alignment in the text box next to the drop down list. The default offset for both location and alignment is 10px.

E.g. To position a menu 50 pixels from the top and 100 pixels from the right you would use the following settings:

Floating menu example 1

Floating Speed:

The speed in milliseconds for the floating animation (i.e. the time it takes to “catch up” when the page scrolls up or down) – e.g. to set the floating speed to 1.3 seconds use 1300.

The default speed is set to 1.5 secs.

Sliding Speed:

The speed in milliseconds to open and close the slide out panel.

The default speed is set to 0.6 secs.

Auto-Close Tab:

If checked, the floating tab will automatically slide closed when the user clicks anywhere in the browser

Keep Open:

If checked, the tab will remain open at all times.


8 different sample skins are currently available for styling your floating tweets. Since there are no essential styles required to create the tab box, these can easily be used to create your own custom theme.

Note: If you use one of the skin CSS files to create your own style please remember to copy the CSS to your theme folder as all files in the plugin folder are automatically deleted when the plugin is updated.


The plugin includes the feature to add text links within your site content that will open/close the floating twitter tab.

[dcflt-link] –
default link, which will toggle the floating tab open/closed with the link text “Click Here”

[dcflt-link text="Open Tweets"] –
toggle the floating panel open/closed with the link text “Open Tweets”

[dcflt-link action="open"] –
open the tab with the default link text “Click Here”

[dcflt-link action="close"] –
close the floating tab with the default link text “Click Here”

[dcflt-link action="close" text="Close Floating Tweets"] –
close the floating panel with the link text “Close Floating Tweets”

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for Floating Tweets section for more information.

Demo Floating Tweets

Download The Plugin

Download Floating Tweets 1.0.1 (3,935)


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Widget in edit mode

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  • Hi, was wondering if there was a facebook version for this?

  • I was wondering if there was a way to just insert this widget into the page template so it’s always floating on the right hand side of our site. Our current theme limits how I can insert it into the sidebar.

    • Hi,

      At the moment it can only be inserted via a widget area. It doesnt need to be in a sidebar though – you can add a new widget area anywhere in the template files

      • Thanks for the tip. I ended up using the widget on pages plugin with yours. Works great!

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  • I would love to use this plugin but have problems to get it work. I can see the tweets on the location in the sidebar where I place the widget but no floating or any window opens :(

    This is what I get from Firebug:
    jQuery(”#dc_jqfloatingtweets_widget-3-item”).dcFloater is not a function
    [Break On This Error] classWrapper: ‘dc-tweets’

    Thats the only error message I get when loading my WP blog I can give you the link to my blog but I had to deactivate this plugin as it does not look good to have the tweets just showing up unformatted in the sidebar.

    Do you have any idea why I can’t get it to work? Would appreciate a tip what I am doing wrong as I really love this plugin.

    • Hi,

      The plugin “youtube with fancy zoom” is incorrectly loading the jquery library again from its own source. This is overwriting the jquery plugin required for the floating effect. Plugins are supposed to use Wordpress to load jquery but unfortunately some dont follow the standards.

    • Hi,

      Ive raised a bug on wordpress for the plugin author but it looks like its no longer supported since none of the bugs have been responded to for over 1 year

      • Hi Lee – oh thanks for the great and quick response – i have deleted the Fancy YouTube and yes your Floating Twitter is there only – it does not float :(

        • H,

          There are a few javascript errors on the page, which are stopping the jQuery floating action from working. Check the page using firebug and this should help identify whats causing them

          • thanks again for the super fast help – it’s floating but somehow spits out a Twitter connection error. Need to check tomorrow whats going on – it’s already long past midnight at me place …..
            I will let you know my progress – and thank you some much for the first class service :)

          • Hurray it works like a charm now – thanks for the world class support – first thing I’ll do tomorrow morning is to vote for it :) :) :)

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  • Cool plugin. I have it on my site now!

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  • This looks like a great plugin, but I am getting this from my firewall when I attempt to activate or update the plugin.

    Offending IP: [ Get IP location ]
    Offending Parameter: checked[0] = floating-tweets/dcwp_floating_tweets.php

    This may be a “WordPress-Specific SQL Injection Attack.”

    Any suggestions as to what’s causing this?

    • Hi,

      There shouldnt be anything in the code that is an problem. I can only think that the firewall settings are possibly seeing the twitter api code as a threat?

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  • [...] Floating Tweets adds a floating, slide out tab containing the latest tweets from any twitter account. [...]

  • Nice, works great, easy set up!

    • Great. Glad it works

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  • Great. thank you

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