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Updated 15th March 2013

Add facebook like, twitter tweet button, google +1, linkedin, digg, stumbledupon, delicious, reddit, buffer & pin it social media share buttons in a floating or slide out tab to any Wordpress website with the Slick Social Share Buttons plugin.

Slick Social Share Buttons also includes a social statistics page in Wordpress admin, which gives you complete share totals for each page, post and category page.

The plugin has a range of options giving you full control of position of button panel, size of social media buttons, display order and whether to show or hide the floating or sticky panel on page load.

The plugin gives you the choice to include the social media share buttons on:

  • Wordpress Home page
  • Posts page if using static home page
  • Posts
  • Pages
  • Category Pages
  • Archive Pages

Premium WordPress Social Share Buttons Plugin

Our premium social share buttons plugin includes the Xing button plus bonus print and email buttons. The social share buttons are loaded via jQuery to improve page download speed. Check out the demos on the WordPress Social Share Buttons live preview site or purchase from codecanyon.

If you are looking for a non-Wordpress version, which can be used on all websites check out our Premium jQuery Social Share Buttons Plugin – allows you to add all of the main social media share buttons to any web page – no PHP required!

Also Check Out Our Other Premium WordPress Plugins:

Demos for WordPress Social Share Buttons Plugin

Plugin also used on this site – see social share buttons on left. Additional demos include:

Download Slick Social Share Buttons plugin

Download Slick Social Share Buttons 2.4.3 (171,365)


  1. Upload the plugin through `Plugins > Add New > Upload` interface or upload `slick-social-share-buttons` folder to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Configure the plugin options via the “Social Buttons” menu option in Wordpress admin -> Social Buttons
  4. After selecting the button and plugin options click “Save” to activate the buttons on your Wordpress website

Floating/Sticky Tab Options

The type and position of the social button panel can be configured via the plugin settings page in Wordpress admin:


Select either a “floating” panel or a sticky “Sliding” tab


The position of the social button panel in the browser window:

Position From Center

Only available if using floating buttons. Check this if you wish to have the floating button panel positioned from the center of the page as opposed to the edge of the browser. In the text box enter the number of pixels that the panel should be positioned from the center of the screen. Useful for fixed width websites.

If not checked the position of the floating panel will be based on the edge of the browser – i.e. if the browser window is reduced the buttons will move towards the center.


Offset allows you to fine tune the positioning by adding the number of pixels that you would like to offset the panel from the edge of the browser window.

For sliding tabs only one offset is used:

  • Top-left & bottom-left – number of pixels from left edge of browser
  • Top-right & bottom-right – number of pixels from right edge of browser
  • Left & right – number of px from the top of the browser window

Floating social buttons:

  • Top-left & left – pixels from top & pixels from left
  • Top-right & right – pixels from top, & pixels from right
  • Bottom-left – pixels from bottom & pixels from left
  • Bottom-right – pixels from bottom & pixels from right


Only applicable for “Slide Out” panels. This allows you to select whether the buttons are displayed horizontally or vertically.

Disable Floating Effects

If checked the floating style animation used for the floating buttons panel will be disabled and the panel will now stick to its location in the browser (only applicable to floating button panels)

Floating Speed:

The speed for the floating animation (only applicable for the floating type) in milliseconds – i.e. the time it takes to “catch up” when the page scrolls up or down) – e.g. to set the floating speed to 1.5 seconds use 1500.

The default speed is set to 1.6 secs.

Animation Speed:

The speed in milliseconds to open and close the button panel.

The default speed is set to 0.6 secs.


If checked, the panel will automatically slide closed when the user clicks anywhere else in the browser window

Load Open:

If checked, the social buttons will be displayed open when the page first loads. The tab will still close the panel when clicked.

Default Skin:

Check this box to use the default skin that comes with the plugin. To use your own styles uncheck the box and add the CSS to your theme’s style sheet. The default CSS file can be used as a template.

Tab Image URL:

To use your own image for the button panel tab insert the full URL for the image into the text field. Leave the box empty if you wish to use the default “Share” tab that comes with the plugin.

Page Display Options

Check the boxes of those pages/posts where you would like the social media buttons to appear:

  • Wordpress Home page
  • Posts page – if using a static home page this will be the page that displays posts
  • Posts
  • Pages
  • Category Pages
  • Archive Pages

Excluding Individual Categories

For category pages you also have the option to specify any categories you would like to exclude from showing the social media buttons.

Click the “Show Categories” link to display a complete list of all categories on your website. Clicking on a category will move the category between the include and exclude lists.

Click the “Save” button once you have selected the relevant categories.

If a category is excluded the social media buttons will not appear on the category page or any post assigned to that category.

Social Media Button Options

To disable a button uncheck the checkbox next to the button name.

The size of each button and whether to display a count of total shares for that page can be selected from the dropdown menu. A sample showing an actual, active button with the selected settings will display in the right-hand column.

The buttons will display on the website in the same order that they are listed in the settings page. To change this order drag & drop the buttons and arrange as required.

Current Supported Social Media Share Buttons:

  • Twitter Button
  • Facebook Like
  • Google +1 Button
  • Delicious Button
  • LinkedIn Button
  • StumbleUpon Button
  • Digg Button
  • Reddit Button
  • Buffer Button
  • Pinterest “Pin It” Share Button

In addition to the basic settings some Social APIs require additional information.


Input your twitter username (minus the ‘@’ symbol) to include this in the tweet.


The facebook like button includes the option to use either the iFrame or xfbml methods of adding the button.

If you select the xfbml version you must add the following settings:

  • Either a Facebook App ID or a Facebook Admin ID – although both can be entered you only need one for the xfbml version to work.
  • Default Facebook Image – enter the URL for an image that will be entered into the facebook open graph meta tag in the event that a post thumbnail is not available for the page.
  • Disable Opengraph – if you already have a plugin adding the facebook opengraph settings you can disable this plugin adding an additional set by checking this checkbox. Pin It

The pinterest button now has 2 options available (starting version 2.4).

Featured – The image will be set to the “featured” image in the post.

Preview – select this option if you want to let your user select which image to use – clicking the “Pin It” button will bring up an overlay containing thumbnails of relevant media found on the page. The user can click one of these images to select it for posting onto their pinterest board.

Twitter URL Shortening

The plugin includes the option to select URL shortening for twitter from several services:

  • Digg
  • tinyurl

If using the API Key and account login must also be entered. For these are both optional.

Social Statistics & Metrics

Starting with version 2.0, the Slick Social Share Buttons plugin now includes a statistics page in Wordpress admin, which gives you a complete overview and summaries of shares on your posts, pages and category pages.

To access this page go to Wordpress Admin -> Social Buttons -> Social Stats

Social Stats options include:


Select whether to show just your home page, posts, pages or category pages. Selecting the pages option will also include the home page results as the first item.


Available for posts only this lets you filter the results by category.

Order By

Select whether to sort the results by either date or alphabetically by title in either ascending or descending order. Only available for posts or pages.


Show the total shares per URL either as text, text using conditional formatting to give a data “heatmap” or as active share buttons.

Note: selecting the “buttons” option will increase loading time as each button must be generated from the relevant social network site.

Per Page

Adjust the number of results per page. For faster loading time select a lower number per page.


The plugin includes the feature to add text links within your site content that will open/close the sticky or floating button panel.

Click the links below to open/close the share button panel.

[dcssb-link] – default link, which will toggle the social share button panel open/closed with the link text “Share”

[dcssb-link text="Tell Your Friends"] – toggle the button panel open/closed with the link text “Tell Your Friends”

[dcssb-link action="open"] – open the button panel with the default link text.

[dcssb-link action="close"] – close the button panel with the default link text.

Troubleshooting & Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for Slick Social Share Buttons.

If you have a problem with the facebook like button try this first – Checking you facebook like button.

Many issues that can crop up with installing and using the plugin with different themes have also been covered in our comments section. Please check previous comments and FAQ for further information/tips.

For plugin customisations or additional support please contact us for a quotation.

Demos for WordPress Social Share Buttons Plugin

Plugin also used on this site – see social share buttons on left. Additional demos include:

Download Slick Social Share Buttons plugin


If you find this plugin useful please take the time to rate it at


Example of vertical sliding social buttons panel

Example of horizontal sliding social buttons panel

Example of floating panel

Social Statistics admin page

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Version 2.4.10 – 15th March 2013

  • Updated: button select list for Chrome

Version 2.4.9 – 3rd March 2013

  • Updated: pinterest preview button

Version 2.4.8 – 13th February 2013

  • Updated: pinterest button css

Version 2.4.7 – 12th December 2012

  • Updated: use wp_enqueue_script for admin jquery ui (WordPress 3.5 compatibility)

Version 2.4.6 – 27th November 2012

  • Updated: Code to reload jquery plugins if overwritten

Version 2.4.5 – 1st November 2012

  • Fixed: Reset URL shortener when “none” selected

Version 2.4.4 – 20th October 2012

  • Added: Code to reload jquery plugins if overwritten
  • Edited: Change plugin path to use plugins_url()
  • Fixed: Bug with button size select lists in admin

Version 2.4 – 10th February 2012

  • Added: Buffer button
  • Added: New option for pinterest button to allow user to select the associated image.

Version 2.3 – 22nd January 2012

  • Added: Reddit button
  • Fixed: Stumbleupon width & height

Version 2.2 – 30th December 2011

  • Added: Delicious button
  • Removed: Obsolete google buzz button

Version 2.1.4 – 22nd November 2011

  • Added: Option to disable facebook opengraph settings

Version 2.1.1 – 22nd October 2011

  • Added: Option to show buttons on posts page when using a static home page
  • Added: Conditional loading of jquery &CSS files
  • Added: Option to view social statistics counts using a data “heatmap”

Version 2.0 – 17th October 2011

  • Added: Social statistics admin page
  • Added: Only show statistics for active buttons
  • Fixed: Total posts when filtering posts by category

Version 1.4.2 – 12th October 2011

  • Fixed: Bug with short url meta data

Version 1.4.1 – 7th October 2011

  • Update: Pin It button size drop down menu
  • Update: Optimize jquery plugin files
  • Update: Changed method of retrieving post ID

Version 1.4 – 5th October 2011

  • Added: “Pin It” share button

Version 1.3 – 29th September 2011

  • Updated: remove additional facebook js script
  • Updated: facebook opengraph type meta tags

Version 1.2.9 – 27th September 2011

  • Updated: Added local GA social tracking script

Version 1.2.8 – 23rd September 2011

  • Updated: Increased title/description text

Version 1.2.7 – 9th September 2011

  • Fixed: Tweet home page & category page URL using shortener
  • Fixed: Hiding of facebook like comment box

Version 1.2.6 – 4th September 2011

  • Added: Option to disable floating button effects

Version 1.2.5 – 25th August 2011

  • Added: Option to position floating buttons from center of page

Version 1.2.4 – 19th August 2011

  • Added: Google Buzz button

Version 1.2.3 – 14th August 2011

  • Added: Ability to exclude specific categories

Version 1.2 – 11th August 2011

  • Added: Digg button
  • Fixed: Bug with Stumbleupon & Safari

Version 1.1 – 11th August 2011

  • Added: Default image for facebook like button Open Graph tags
  • Fixed: URL for Wordpress home page for Open Graph tags


  • We no longer see the “# of times the image has been pinned” above the Pinit icon. Do you know why?


  • Hello,

    Thanks again for a great plugin!

    When I click on my Facebook like button at the following URL (or at any other post on my site) something is restricting the pop-up dialog box. Only a narrow band of the box appears, the width of the floating bar, instead of the full box.

    Have you seen this before and is there a solution?


    • Hello, Any ideas on my issue above? It’s really causing issues with people not being able to post FB comments and share my site with others. Thanks for your response.


  • I have that social slider on my website, it comes in and shows you the social buttons and works fine.

    However on my mobile site it comes in and obscures pretty much everything

    So ideally it wouldn’t show on the mobile version of the site but there’s no option to not have it load on mobile theme

    So it’s have it and obscure on mobile, or delete and not have on desktop. At the moment I am going to delete it and not use it, but can you give me any idea how to only load on Desktop version of the site?

    • Use the “center” option to position the buttons – this will position them from the center of the page as opposed to the edge of the browser window and prevent the buttons covering the content on smaller browsers

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