Wordpress Plugin Update – jQuery Accordion Menu 2.4

Based on recent feedback we have decided to launch the latest update to our jQuery vertical accordion menu plugin for Wordpress. The latest version (2.4) now includes the option to auto-expand the accordion menu according to the users current page/post.

This now greatly enhances the Wordpress accordion menu by automatically following the inherent Wordpress menu system for tracking the users location, using the “current-menu-ancestor” CSS class to identify which sub-menus should be open. Very useful for keeping the menu in sync with users who browse to pages via other links.

To use this new feature check the “Auto Expand Based on Current Page/Item” box in the accordion menu widget control panel. The feature requires the “Save Menu State” option to be checked in order to work.

See the Wordpress Plugin – jQuery Vertical Accordion Menu project page for more information, or Download Version 2.4.


  • Great thing – but the new version did not work for me in WordPress theme “2010″ – and also in “Pagelines” Platform. Cookies and JS enablet…

    • Hi Peter – what was the problem? Does it generate the menu OK?

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