Wordpress Plugin Update – Vertical Accordion Menu 2.5

The latest update to our Wordpress plugin – jQuery vertical accordion menu version 2.5, now allows the auto-expand feature without having to use the “Save State” option.

Auto-expand will automatically expand sub-menus on page load using the inherent CSS classes allocated by the Wordpress custom menu system. This will synchronise the accordion menu with the current page for users that navigate to the page from other non-accordion links.

For more detailed information see the jQuery Vertical Accordion Menu plugin page or download the plugin from Wordpress – jQuery Vertical Accordion Menu Widget 2.5.


  • I’m having a similar problem, page loads with menus expanded, and they stay expanded (never collapse). The test installation above has no other plugins activated, and I have tested it with several themes, including Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven, with the same results in each case.

    Thanks in advance,

    • Hi,

      The menu doesnt have any sub-menus, which is why it appears always expanded.

      • My mistake. I had thought that because the “Submenu #1″ and “Submenu #2″ pages were children of the “About” page, they would automatically be a submenu. Now I see that I have to move them to the right in the Menu setup. Thanks for your help!

  • Hello,

    I am currently working on developing my wordpress website, but am having a lot of trouble getting the Jquery Vertical Accordion Menu to work. I have installed,deleted,installed,deleted many times. . .and it’s still not working.

    Basically, what happens, is when I activate the plugin and add the widget to my sidebar, and activate my custom menu (which has several hundred categories–parents>children>grandchildren =). When I go to the home page where the menu is inserted into, the whole thing is expanded. No matter what settings I change for the menu, it still will not start out as a collapsed menu.

    Any help on this would be greatly appeciated.

    Thank you.


    • Hi – it sounds like the jQuery plugin is not initialising if the menu is expanded. Use Firebug to check if there are any javascript errors in other plugins, which are impacting the accordion menu.

      Another big cause of this problem is another plugin or the theme itself loading the jQuery library again after the plugin files have loaded. If jQuery is reloaded all previous jQuery plugins are basically deleted – can check this via your source code

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