Wordpress Plugin Update – Vertical Accordion Menu

The latest update to the jQuery Vertical Accordion Menu plugin for Wordpress now offers the option of adding a count of the number of links under each parent menu item.

For multi-level menus this offers improved useability and provides a visual indication of the options available to the user.

To enable this option just check the “Show Count” box in the widget control panel.

Check out the plugin page for more information.


  • Howdy, thanks for this great plug-in.
    Unfortunately when I transferred my client’s site to their server, the widget started limiting the number of available navigation in the menu, calling the last one custom and then we were unable to add more items to the menu.
    I think it may be because their hosting company is upgrading to php 5.3, any thoughts on this?
    Thank you!

    • Hi,

      This is a server issue as the actual menu plugin is not involved in creating the menu itself, only applying a jQuery plugin to the HTML to create the accordion effect.

      I have come across this issue before though and it was caused by having suhosin enabled on the server, which was limiting the number of items in the menu. Usually if this is the cause you would get an error message in the menu admin page

      • Just to confirm, this means the plugin is compatible with PHP 5.3 but this is a server issue with their hosting provider? I just want to know so I know how to advise the client if they need to switch hosting provider.


        • If suhosin is the problem then yes its due to settings on the server. Either way its Wordpress that is rendering the actual menu, not the plugin but the plugin is compatible with PHP 5.3

  • great plugin, congratulations.

    Strangely it doesn’t work with Cufon menu.
    Can’t open the submenu. Any workaround?
    this is an example, menu “musica”


    • Mattia – unfortunately the Cufon menu inserts custom tags, which hide the link from the accordion plugin. One fix is to use @font-face to add custom fonts as opposed to cufon as this uses the standard HTML tags

    • Mattia – the latest version (2.3) just released now allows you to us Cufon text with the accordion menu

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