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Getting Started


The plugin helps prevent email spam by taking obfuscated email addresses, which are not easily detectable by spam harvesters and makes them human readable in the browser.

The plugin has several options, which give you control over how you want to write the email and therefore level of spam protection this provides:

  • Enter the characters you want to use to replace the “@” symbol
  • Enter the characters you want to use to replace the “.” symbol in the domain name
  • Increase security by selecting whether to use reversed text (default setting)
  • The plugin automatically detects if being used in an email link
  • For text the plugin offers the option to convert the obfuscated email address into a mailto link

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Quick Start

1. Include the jQuery Spamless Plugin

Add the jQuery plugin to the head of your document:

<script type='text/javascript' src='js/jquery.dcspamless.1.0.js'></script>

2. The Email HTML

The plugin can be used in a number of ways. For the default plugin settings – i.e. reverse text and the “.” in the domain name replaced by “[dot]” and the “@” symbol replaced by “[at]” the email can either be entered as a mailto link or as text inside a HTML tag.

If a mailto link is used the plugin will automatically detect the link:

To add the email “” the following HTML would be used:

mailto link:
<a href="mailto:moc[dot]niamod[at]sserdda.liame" class="email">Contact Us</a>

<span class="email">moc[dot]niamod[at]sserdda.liame</span>

3. Initialise The jQuery Spamless Plugin

jQuery(document).ready(function($) {

For more information on changing the email spam settings refer to the Options page.

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