jQuery Vertical Mega Menu Plugin


The vertical mega menu plugin’s defaults are:

$.fn.dcVerticalMegaMenu = function(options){
    var defaults = {
        classParent: 'dc-mega', // Set class of parent links
        arrow: true, // Enable adding span tags to parent links for arrow icons
        classArrow: 'dc-mega-icon', // Set class of arrow span tags
        classContainer: 'sub-container', // Set class of mega flyout menu containe
        classSubParent: 'mega-hdr', // Set class of sub-menu headers
        classSubLink: 'mega-hdr', // Set class of sub-menus if no child links
        classRow: 'row', // Set class of mega menu rows
        rowItems: 3, // Number of sub-menus per row
        speed: 'fast', // Speed of animation
        effect: 'show', // Animation effect - show, slide or fade
        direction: 'right' // Direction for flyout menu - set left or right

Overriding the Defaults

You can override any of these default options by passing an object into the Mega Menu method upon initialisation – e.g. to set 4 items per row and slide the menu slowly to the left use:

    rowItems: '4',
    speed: 'slow',
    effect: 'slide',
    direction: 'left'

See examples page for more samples

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